Groundnut De-oiled Cake

Groundnut De-oiled Cake

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We are reliable suppliers of Groundnut oil cake, made through expeller process using 100% peanuts. This product is mostly preferred feed for cattle and it is safe for all class of livestock because of their good protein balance, exceptional quality and nutrition.

Peanut Meal Extraction is a very healthy protein for feed industry.This type of Groundnut/Peanut De-oiled cake in is especially useful for feeding the direct form to fish,Cattle,Piglet and poultry Groundnut Cake contains the right amount of energy, fat, protein & fiber.

Groundnut / Peanut de oiled cake is generally a safe feed for all classes of livestock. The use of groundnut de oiled cake has no general limitations in Livestock/Animal feeding. Groundnut De oiled cake has been used as a protein supplement in Cattle Feed, Poultry Feed, Piglet Feed, Aqua/Fish Feed.Groundnut Oil Cake has several health benefits and serves as the perfect balanced diet for the cattle.

It has an optimal blend of protein carbohydrates, fats, vitamins and minerals in this pellet-formed compound. Peanut meal helps in increasing the milk production capacities of the cattle. Peanut Meal is highly nutritious and makes a perfect animal feed.

Product Specfications:
  • Moisture: 10%
  • Fibre: 15% Max
  • Protein: 45% min
  • Silica & Sand: 02% Max
  • Fat/Oil: 07%Max