Cotton Seed Meal

Cotton Seed Meal

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Cotton seed meal is the by-product of oil extraction from cotton seeds. As a protein-rich feed, cottonseed meal is a common source of protein for ruminants. It can be a good source of protein for monogastric provided that its limitations are taken into account, notably the fibre content and the presence of gossypol.

Cottonseed meal is a byproduct from the extraction of oil from whole cottonseed. It has a high protein value, is palatable for use in ruminate livestock such as cattle and can be used as a protein supplement to replace soybean meal in feed blends and mixtures.

Cottonseed meal has less crude protein, dietary energy, and lysine content than more-conventional soybean meal. Cottonseed meal also contains the antinutritional factors of gossypol and cyclopropenoid fatty acids (CPFA). However, new glandless cottonseed meals have been developed that contain almost no gossypol, making cottonseed safer for poultry to consume.

Cotton Seed meal is a plant protein source that is abundant in most parts of the world relatively high in protein, and generally less expensive per unit of protein than soybean meal.

It is highly palatable and readily digested by most aquatic animals, though generally not as digesbe as soybean meal. Its use in aquaculture feeds may be limited because of the potential toxic effects of bee gossypol and its relatively low available lysine and methionine content.

Several methods are used to extract cottonseed oil, resulting in different types of coffomed meal Thes situation is slightly different from that of other major oilseeds such as soybean and sunflower, where one process is usually dominant.

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Product Specfications:
  • Profat: 38%
  • Sand Silica: 2.5 %Max
  • Moisture: 12%
  • Fibre: 14%
  • Ash: 07%
  • Protein: 28.0% Min.
  • Starch: 5.0% Max.
  • ADF: 19.40%
  • NDF: 28.40%
  • Lignin: 11.0% Max.