Red Millet

Red Millet, Finger Millet, Ragi

The common name finger millet is derived from the finger-like branching of the panicle. the generic name of Ragi.

Millet is a grain and a staple food in many parts of the world. There are many different kinds of millet, which all have similar health benefits. Finger millet is gaining popularity worldwide because of how easy it is to grow and how adaptable it is as a food.

Ragi is an extremely nutritious millet, that resembles mustard seeds in appearance. Finger millet is especially valuable as it contains the amino acid methionine, which is lacking in the diets of the poor who live on starchy staples such as cassava, plantain, polished rice or maize meal. A grain rich in protein, calcium, fibre and iron, ragi has traditionally been used across the world in varied food products.

The hull of the ragi grain is indigestible and therefore the grain is usually hulled before use. This process does not remove or damage the germ, and hence the nutritional content is not lost. The grain is then used as is, decorticated, ground into flour, or malted and ground into flour, which is used to make porridge, laddoo, chowder, ragi mudde, and some savoury snacks too.

Realising its health benefits, nowadays people have started mixing ragi with other grains like rice and wheat for preparing traditional dishes like idli, upma and rotis.

It is commonly known as Eleusine coracana, finger millet, Red millet, Caracan millet, Ragi, Nachani etc.

Nutritionally, when red millet is used as a whole grain, it is higher in protein and minerals in comparison to all other cereals and millets. It is a remarkable source of protein, making it perfect for vegetarian diets. It is a great source of iron making it beneficial for individuals with low hemoglobin levels.

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Health Benefits:

  • Ragi for diabetes: The slowing digestion process helps in controlling blood sugar levels in a condition of diabetes
  • Rich in Calcium: Calcium along with vitamin D helps to strengthen bones. This helps to keep bone problems at bay and could reduce the risk of fractures too.
  • High fibre content: the amino acids Lecithin and Methionine help in decreasing the cholesterol levels of your body by getting rid of the excess fat in the liver.
  • Helps in weight loss: Ragi contains an amino acid, Tryptophan which lowers appetite.
Product Specfications:
  • Moisture: 10%
  • Fibre: 3% Max
  • Protein: 12-16 % min
  • Silica & Sand: 3% Max
  • Phosphorous: 1-2%
  • Fat: 12-16%Max