Marble Stone Grit

Marble Stone Grit

Chick Grit Digestion Supplement

Signature Commodities Chick Grit can be used as part of your flock’s feeding regimen to help support proper digestion. Grit helps birds grind up food, enabling it to be digested more easily. Raising young birds with Signature Commodities feeds and supplements will provide peace of mind that you are providing the highest-quality ingredients while helping your flock meet its full potential.

What is Chick Grit?

Chick grit is tiny rock fragments (naturally occurring rocks – nothing created in a lab) that have been broken down so they’re easier for baby chicks to ingest. In nature, chicks will pick up rocks outside as they forage with their mothers.

If your chicks were incubated and/or live indoors (we keep our chicks indoors until fully feathered) OR if you feed your chicks anything other than chick starter, chick grit can be the difference between a well-functioning digestive system and one that might prevent your chicks from absorbing nutrients, eventually causing death.

Do Chickens Need Grit?

Chickens need grit because they do not have teeth to grind down their food. When left to forage over a larger area, chickens naturally pick up grit in the form of tiny pebbles. They store grit in the gizzard and when the gizzard moves, the food is ground with any grit inside. The food, now a paste, can then pass safely through the digestive tract. The gizzard grinds up the grit, and eventually the grit is small enough to pass through the digestive tract, which is why chickens need to replenish it. Without grit, chickens cannot effectively eat their food and in some cases can suffer from impaction.

  • For young, growing poultry.
  • Helps support proper digestion.
  • Small-size insoluble crushed granite.
  • No preservatives or artificial ingredients.