Coconut Copra Cake

Coconut Copra Cake

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Copra Expeller Cake or Coconut Oil Cake or Copra Cake or Copra Meal is a by-product of the Coconut Oil manufacturing process, i.e., the residue left after the partial or complete removal of oil from Copra. It is a valuable Animal Feed Ingredient considered to have a high Fiber & Protein by-pass value and found to be extremely palatable among cattle.

Made from the white part of the coconut, which is dried, baked and ground, is a premium copra meal is totally natural and is chemical and GMO free. It contains almost no starch, so unlike grain-based feeds, will not cause problems such as acidosis. Instead, the energy in copra meal comes from its high content of coconut oil, digestible fiber, and gluconeogenic amino acids. Copra meal is highly palatable.

Health Uses and Effectiveness:

  • High in energy
  • High in fibre
  • Has a long shelf life.
  • Minimal oil content.
  • Perfect feed for chicken, pigs and cattle.
  • 00% non-GMO product that contains no animal matter
  • Animal feed component for incorporation into poultry and ruminant feed, particularly dairy feed.
Product Specfications:
  • Moisture: 12% Max
  • Fibre: 13% Max
  • Protein: 18% Min
  • Aflatoxin: <50 ppb
  • Energy: 4500 KCal/kg
  • Fat: 6%-8%